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Introduce the selection of safety shoes briefly

Eastsafe Safetyshoes remind you of paying  more attention the selection of safety shoes and work shoes friendly.
According to to the work conditions,you must choose the suitable type of safety shoes/boots,in addition,they must be fit for your feet,and make us feel comfortable.It is important to select the right size of safety shoes carefully.
Work shoes have a slip resistance sole, not only to prevent the feet from injury, but also to prevent the operator an accident caused by slipping.
The kind of  performance of the work shoes,must achieve their technical standard of protective performance, such as:the toes aren't impacted,soles of the feet aren't stabbed,insulation and conduction requirements.However,safety shoes is not a panacea.
You must inspected or tested safety shoes carefully before using them.In the electrical and acid and alkali operations,damaged and cracks protective shoes are all dangerous.
Work shoes should be cared after taking off them.Rubber shoes need using  clean water or disinfectant washing and drying after taking off.
Several ways to measure and choose:
1,Shoe type: (abbreviation: model),that is,the length and width of shoes,width and  tightness of shoes'body is fit for  the foot or not.
2,Vamp: the softness of the leather can make us walk naturally and comfortably or not.
3,Upper:the whole upper can stick the entire foot,not squeeze the feet,loose but not off, and flexible.
4,Insole: adopt the structure of reducing shock,sweat-absorbent,massage,and health-care function or not.
5,Lining:selection of breathable,water resistant,and keep warm function,and eco-friendly materials.
6,Outsole:selected for the district,and under different environments,use a different level of the outsole and the anti-slip requirements,such as: a good environment for the relative slip resistant and light-type outsole.and  feature of reducing vibration should be prominent.Outdoor environment adopt the increased slip resistance, hard-wearing outsole, to withstand the more harsh environments. Subdivision as follows: white-collar,blue-collar,salaried, administrative industry,light industry,heavy industry,construction site, tourism,services, etc.
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