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The classification of safety shoes
Safety shoes,also named as protective shoes,protective shoes. It can be understood according to its literal meaning,that is,the shoes when the workers are working can play a protective role.In accordance with international European CE standard,common safety shoes are divided into: SB \ SBP \ S1 \ S1P \ S2 \ S3 several categories.However,according to the structure of safety shoes or the production process,it  is divided into different categories,a brief introduction is as follows:
Typically,safety shoes processes are:glueing,seams,stempressing,PU / PU injection,PU / TPU injection,Goodyear welt construction.With the development of modern shoe-making technology,it also appeared glue + stitch,PU / RUBBER,RUBBER/RUBBER, EVA / RUBBER and other processes.
Glueing is the traditional process of shoe-making,that is,with special glue to make shoe soles and uppers together.As the world's high-end shoe bases in Italy,now  use this process.The shoes made by skilled operators on gluleing production line usually  have stable quality,beautiful appearance.Moreover,using this process,we can choose more type of shoes'soles,and the production efficiency is not affected by  the quantity of orders.However,if the work environment is relatively humid,hot,or cold,the glue of shoes will split. At the same time,if you use the poor quality soles in order to reduce the cost,the sole may fracture.Therefore,this kind of shoes usually use of in harsh environment.And only the middle and low grade safety shoes  use this process.
Seams,that is,uppers and soles will be stitched together with high-intensity polyester threads.Shoes which use this traditional and heavy shoe-making way are more natural and more environmentally friendly,but they aren't waterproof,and the stability of the shoe are influenced by theexternal environment.However,because of the use of environment whichare water,oil,acid,or alkali mostly and so on,safety footwear manufacturer abandon the process.Stempressing, that is, with the heatseal process combining the sole with the upper , the process is simple,high production efficiency.Stempressing safety shoes are lower production costs,but its quality isn't stable.If the short-term use of safety shoes,you can choose this kind of shoes.However,in modern society the pursuit of safety,comfort and style,low-grade,low-cost stempressing safety shoes exit the market gradually.
PU / PU injection,in the 90's (20th century),this shoe-making process,spread quickly around the world.Shoes using of PU injection technology are a stable quality,while improving the  production efficiency of the footwear greatly.As the PU (polyurethane) itself has a lightweight,abrasion resistant,oil resistant,slip resistant properties.Using the process of PU plant injected directly to the leather can improve productivity significantly.As high-grade safety shoes requires a beautiful appearance,comfort and excellence performance,so that more safety footwear manufacturer adopt  PU injection technology.Nowadays,more than 50% of the safety shoes have adopted the production process.Common safety shoes are made of single-density polyurethane outsole.Polyurethane soles must have two functions: First, we must feel comfortable,and the soles is light.Second,it is a very important point,namely,security issues,such as slip resistant.In fact,it is difficult make two functions rolled into one.In most cases,only one of functions play the correct performance.The density of polyurethane soles is around mostly in 0.8g/cm3.It is usually used to produce regular safety shoes.Single-density production of safety shoes is very simple and effective,and the product is still produced stable quality and excellent performance.Over 20 years,the use of PU plant injected directly to the leather machines,footwear industry has always produced double-density polyurethane shoes.Compact polyurethane outsole and and lightweight and comfortable midsole set the two features combined in one.You can use a very dense material to produce outsole,which have a stronger abrasion resistance,as well as the good performance of slip resistance and oil resistant.You can use the molt filter to produce midsole,so that we can feel more comfortable and lightweight.Dual-density safety shoes'production is different from a single density  safety shoes.First,you need to inject the compact outsole into the closed mould. After a certain time of the reaction,midsole and the upper of outsole are injected together.With subsequent amendments,harding-wearing,oil resistant and high quality safety shoes are completed.Under normal circumstances,the density of outsole is 0.9g/cm3,while the density of midsole is around 0.45g/cm3.Eastsafe has two production lines of  PU plant injected directly to the leather, in order to produce a variety of high quality PU,PU / PU,PU / TPU safety shoes.
PU / TPU injection,based on the PU / PU injection,the technical staff has invented the TPU.TPU  enriched PU soles' production lines.With TPU outsole of  safety shoes,on the basis of PU shoes'performance with a high temperature resistance.At the same time,TPU can be made even more beautiful soles,such as transparency or color soles.
Goodyear technology,the biggest difference between Goodyear shoes with other glued safety shoes,PU injection safety shoes is:around the safety shoes seams (K8 Goodyear safety shoes,generally use the high-temperature and  fire resistant thread Seiko Sewing) a welt,so shoes are very strong.the over100 years ago, the welt be sewed by hand, and very complex and poor productive.Until 1870,a man named GOODYEAR CHARLES JR (son of Mr Goodyear,the founder of the world's largest tire company ---Goodyear Tire Company ) who invented the sewing machines,the efficiency of shoe-making  would be greatly improved.Later,the people using the inventor's name named  GOODYEAR.Full name:GOODYEAR WELT contruction,the Chinese translate for the Goodyear shoes.Now K8 Goodyear process safety shoes with three-line seams,precision production,to make safety shoes with superior hard-wearing, slip resistant,and high temperature resistant performance.Goodyear safety shoes are better suited to heavy industry,construction industry,shipbuilding and other harsh environment.K8 Goodyear safety shoes use vulcanized rubber in order to change their physical properties,the soft rubber as chewing gum before being vulcanized  is the same as  the tire which has abrasion and flexible performance.
PU / RUBBER,emerged in recent years,as a new kind of shoe-making process.It combines the flexibility of PU with high temperature resistant,acid and alkali rsistant performance of rubber,making the safety shoes is both comfortable, lightweight and high-temperature resistant performance.However,PU / RUBBER production needs coordinate production lines of  PU injection soles and rubber soles perfectly,and the production efficiency is lower compared with PU injection lines.
RUBBER / RUBBER,the process is more used in boots,of course,there are very few safety shoes use this process.In this process,shoes outsole and midsole are rubber.Outsole as the same with the use of TPU / TPU's process,using dense material outsole.Midsole is made of  foam rubber.Excellent performance of these shoes, such as:high temperature resistant,oil resistant and fire resistant.These materials are the same as the polyurethane which does not support the hydrolysis.But in the military industry, the situation is different,the military industry,use rubber / rubber military shoes.also in the field of sports shoes.This material combination has many significant advantages,such as,the real and good slip resistant properties.
EVA / RUBBER,this process applied to climbing shoes,sports shoes industry.At the same time,these shoes improved the comfort of safety shoes greatly.Because of the softness of  EVA,determines the EVA / RUBBER safety shoes with more comfort.EVA / RUBBER safety shoes are usually made with glued technology,but taking into account the overall performance and production efficiency,the use of EVA / rubber process is very few.
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